Titas Receives Peer Raben Award

Posted on 10. Mar, 2010 in News

Elements long-time collaborator & composer Titas Petrikis received the PEER-RABEN-MUSIC-AWARD for the best music to a short film at SoundTrack_Cologne in 2009. The jury was searching for film scores where the relationship between the images and the music and sound is innovative and dramaturgically clear. This was fulfilled by the short Noirville (dir. Andy Marsh) with the music by Titas Petrikis. Noirville was nominated along with 9 other films out of 140 participants and was announced to be the winner. The film tells a story about the lone girl Lucy, who is settled in a weird abandoned place, called Noirville. While hiding of the war, one day she discovers a strange article in the forest which changes her life.

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